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Jayesh is taller than Ramesh who is shorter than Nandu. Satish is taller than Vinod but shorter than Subodh, who is not as tall as Prabodh. Who is the tallest in the group?

A) Prabodh

B) Subodh

C) Kavita

D) Ashok


Ramesh is taller than Vinay who is not as tall as Karan. Sanjay is taller than Anupam but shorter than Vinay. Who among them is the tallest?

A) Ramesh

B) Karan

C) Vinay

D) Cannot be determined


The coach arrived at the playground at 8.35. Rakesh arrived 45 minutes later and was 15 minutes late for the training. By how much time did the coach come early than the scheduled time?

A) 35 minutes

B) 45 minutes

C) 15 minutes

D) None of these


Prabir remembers that his father's birthday is between thirteenth and sixteenth of May whereas his sister remembers that their father's birthday is between fourteenth and eighteenth of May. On which day of may is their father's birthday?

A) 14th

B) 16th

C) 14th

D) Seventeenth


In a row of children, Deepa is ninth from the left and Ajay is thirteenth from the right. When they exchange places, Deepa will be seventeeth from the left. Which of the following will be the new position of Ajay from the right?

A) Twentieth

B) Seventh

C) Twenty-first

D) Ninth


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