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What is an aptitude Test?

Aptitude test questions are designed to measure your work-related cognitive capacity. Exmafriend contains lots of online aptitude test questions which will improve users skills and knowledge about the aptitude tests. All the aptitude test in this site are objective along with the questions users will be provided with the anwers and detailed explanation. BY practising this objective free online aptitude questions you can improve your skills and knowledge towords the up coming interviews. free online aptitude questions test are given with 15 random objective aptitude questions and answers. Users can answer the questions one by one and after submiting the free online aptitude questions you will be provided with correct answers with detailed explanation. Examfriend users can discuss the aptitude test questions with diffrent users which will improve their skills and knowledge. Aptitude test, examination that designed to test a person's ability in a particular field. These tests proves that people differ in their abilities and this can be useful in future achievements. Aptitude tests pinpoint the jobs that a person would be good at. A typical career aptitude test would ask questions about verbal and numerical reasoning, language skills, perception, technical skills and special abilities. Examfrinend covers important aptitude questions which will be usefull to the students who prepare for the campus interview, competitive examinaton. With over 70% of the world's employers using aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process you need to make sure that you are prepared. Aptitude and intelligence tests are related. Aptitude breaks mental ability of each person down into many different characteristics. Aptitude is expressed in interest, and is reflected in current performance which is expected to improve over time with training. Examfriend covers questions based on RS agarwal and other efficient books. All the questions, tests in this site is free. Practise and study these questions to impove your skills and ability.

Different type of Aptitude test questions in examfriend?

Examfriend covers all most all the type of free aptitude tests. Main tests are arithemetic aptitude test, data interpretation and GATE general aptiude tests. Pratise all the test to improve your knowlege.

how to pass aptitude examination?

Practise all the questions in the examfreind. Each free online aptitude questions is provided with correct answers and explanation. If you have any dought on a specific questions you can discuss it with other users in the forum.

how to solve Aptitude questions?

To solve the aptitude test questions just carefully read all the questions in the aptitude category. All the questions provided with correct answers and explantion so it would be easy to understand. Examfreind covers all most all the type of aptitude questions that is needed to pass any competitive or entrance exam. All the free online aptitude questions are obejctive. By clicking the view answer or view explanation users will be provided with correct anwers and explanation.

What is a pie chart?

Pie charts are specific types of data presentation where the data is represented in the form of a circle. In a pie chart, a circle is divided into various sections or segments such that each sector (or) segment represents a certain proportion or percentage of the total. In such a diagram, the total of all the given items is equal to 360 degrees and the degrees of angles, representing different items, are calculated proportionately. The entire diagram looks like a pie and its components resemble slices cut from a pie. The pie chart is used to show the creak - up of one continuous variable into its component parts. A single pie diagram can represent only one continuous variable. Hence, in terms of versatility of data representation, pie charts are less versatile than either of bar charts, graphs (or) tables. However, their utility is in the fact that the representation of data is cleaner and it gives an immediate idea of the relative distribution of the continuous variable amongst different sectors.

What is ment by data interpretaion?

The interpretation of data is the process through which inferences are drawn about the data available for analysis. In other words, the process of drawing inferences and conclusions through the interpretation of data is what data interpretation is all about.
Data can be represented by using any one or more than one of these. Normally data is represented through a graphical representation or a set a graphical representations linked to each other. Effective presentation of data is broadly classified in the following categories:
1. Tabular presentation
2. Bar charts
3. X-Ycharts
4. Pie charts
5. Case lets
6. Miscellaneous charts

how to use examfreind.in?

Examfreind provides free online aptitude questions. Users doesn't need to login or register in the site to take part in free online aptitude test. To see all the aptitude test online just scroll down to the bottom of page. Direction to solve and important formulas are also given for the better understanding.

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